BMS S21E03 THEO KALOMIRAKIS Home Theaters In 2021

The man known as a true Godfather of Home Theater chats with me from Greece to discuss the effects of the changing world on the industry. Get inside Theo’s massive movie collection, his passion for filmmakers and studios, the importance of good sound, digitizing with Zappiti and designing spectacular modern turnkey media rooms with Rayva. The ways we listen to music and watch movies are evolving now more than ever and we touch on much of it here. And you’ll hear how Theo successfully turned a childhood fascination into a cinematic ride of a career.

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BMS S21E02 JASON BIELER Hashtag Showbiz

The Baron returns to the show 10 years later to preview his new project. Songs For The Apocalypse by Jason Bieler and the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra comes out next week and we get to listen to and dissect two of the tracks ahead of time. Jason talks about the changing times for the industry, reaction videos, producing vocals, collaborating with very talented cats, the years of friction with Saigon Kick and of course we get in some hockey talk! Bieler still dreams of being in the NHL but thankfully his day jobs have served him well.

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BMS S21E01 ALAN PARSONS The High Definition Life

The legendary Professor of Music Production gets into an immersive surround sound discussion, shares some stories from “The Dark Side”, some optimism about live music’s anticipated return in 2021 and inside info on his new facility in California. Alan has been busier than you think, currently working on 2 live albums while continuing to release surround mixes of the APP catalogue. Hear first hand about the Alan Parsons Art and Science of Sound Recording affordable online courses that allow aspiring producers to learn from and work with the Master. Learn even more at

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BMS S20E02 DAVID PASTORIUS – What Instrument is That?

When David Pastorius first heard a bass played in person he had to ask “what instrument is that?” Now when people hear him play they ask “what planet is he from?” In this sit down, in person chat (with his Marleaux bass in hand) David shows where hard work and his music royalty lineage has taken him since that day. We hear a beautiful exclusive solo performance of one of his songs and a couple of tracks from his Radio Gold album. In between tour dates with Pat Travers, he’s available for private lessons. Reach him for more info at

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BMS S20E01 LEE ABRAMS – Manufacturing Fun

We take a deep dive into the radio business with one of the most influential minds of FM Rock Programming. The inventor of the Album Rock format and co-founder of XM Satellite Radio shares some valuable data and inside stories in this industry intensive chat. Lee shows no signs of slowing down, as he hints about the next big thing in media while inviting his radio peers to make the innovative moves that we need. Spolier alert! There’s much to be optimistic about.

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BMS S19E03 NICKO McBRAIN – You Just Never Know, Do You?

With a new gear partnership signed, his annual Christmastime Rock N Roll Ribs Anniversary Party coming up in South Florida and another World Tour in 2020 looming, Nicko shows no signs of slowing down 37 years after joining Iron Maiden. We spend over an hour digging deep into physical endurance, burying hatchets, helping needy kids, tuning drums, mouthwatering ribs, remembering great friends and listening to his favorite Maiden song.

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BMS S19E02 FRANK MARINO – (Part 2) Breaking the Cycle

Continuing on, we go into rich detail on the new DVD and get the story of Frank’s 7 years of editing! Plus a surprise guest joins in. We pick apart one of the songs, and talk hockey as Frank drops some big names and knowledge on the state of the NHL. This episode is an extended power play that keeps on scoring for over an hour.
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S19E02 Episode Presented by Zappiti

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BMS S19E01 FRANK MARINO – (Part 1) Stories of a Hero

Join in the celebration of the release of the storied penultimate concert DVD from one of my heroes. From the moment I first saw him play, Frank took my appreciation of rock guitar to a new level. The incredible performances in the new DVD allow modern generations to feel the same experience today! Frank chats with me from Quebec about everything. First in a two-part series. Hear a track from Frank Marino “Live at the Agora Theatre” somewhere in the middle of this hour-long hang.

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Episode presented by Zappiti

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BMS S02E19 STEVEN WILSON The Record Maker

swbmsThe founder of Porcupine Tree comes to us from London for an in depth, 75 minute talk about Progressive Rock, the joy of melancholy, comparisons to Pink Floyd, genres, making records, emotions, technology, Guthrie Govan’s insane talent, the preservation of sound quality and the splendor of albums. The focus is on his 2015 masterpiece Hand. Cannot. Erase. We listen to two of the beautiful tracks. Local listeners won’t want to miss his November 20 tour stop in Ft. Lauderdale.
Learn even more at

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BMS S02E18 MITCH RYDER I’m From Detroit

mitch ryder interviewAfter a brief recap of the Button South Reunion I rewind my interview with the great Mitch Ryder. Mitch thoroughly “gets” the Rock and R&B industries and has lived and thrived through all of the great eras! We dabble a bit in the drama of the business as  well as the magic in the studio. In an added segment at the end we get an update on what Mitch has been up to since this chat including some upcoming show dates!


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