BMS S04E01 STEVEN WILSON (Encore) – The Record Maker

As Steven Wilson gets set to reverberate Fort Lauderdale’s Culture Room for two nights, Dec 14 and 15, 2018, we bring you this chat from 2016 focusing on his Hand Cannot Erase album. Steven streams himself in pristine audio quality from England right into my Florida studio! We dissect a couple of HCE tracks and talk a lot of other nerdy music and technology stuff. Get yer headphones and enjoy one of the show’s finest musical hours! **TOUR DATES MENTIONED ARE FROM 2016**


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MUSIC FRIDAY BMS S03E01 Sept 15 2017

mfpe01As he’s done for me for many years, Brian Swords turns you on to some new music that you otherwise might not stumble upon. This week has a light alternative lean with some retro sounds and echoey soundscapes. We check out and dissect tracks from Shout Out Louds, Hundred Waters, Odesza, Nothing But Thieves and F**k Art, Let’s Dance! Put your headphones on and join us!
To get on Brian’s Music Friday email list hit him up at and check back here for a podcast edition on Sundays.

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BDbidTime for another test drive of the podcast bus for Brooke and Bill as we discuss, from our own home studios, the evolution and branding possibilities of the new show, how to take calls on a show that isn’t live, the time and place for vulgarity and of course the current state of insanity the world is in. Get involved and let us know where you’d like this experiment to go. Listen for the number to call and share your thoughts and you may hear your comments in the next episode!

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300nameHere’s the first dry run at a new show concept. A longtime radio friend, Brooke Daniels and I go though the technical motions of recording from our own homes simultaneously and toss around ideas for a new regular thing. Get behind the scenes
and planning stages with us as we put it together. We could go any number of ways from here. This is just a practice run. We’ll make a big splash with the  first official debut episode very soon!
*(mildly explicit content)

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BMS S02E19 STEVEN WILSON The Record Maker

swbmsThe founder of Porcupine Tree comes to us from London for an in depth, 75 minute talk about Progressive Rock, the joy of melancholy, comparisons to Pink Floyd, genres, making records, emotions, technology, Guthrie Govan’s insane talent, the preservation of sound quality and the splendor of albums. The focus is on his 2015 masterpiece Hand. Cannot. Erase. We listen to two of the beautiful tracks. Local listeners won’t want to miss his November 20 tour stop in Ft. Lauderdale.
Learn even more at

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BMS S02E18 MITCH RYDER I’m From Detroit

mitch ryder interviewAfter a brief recap of the Button South Reunion I rewind my interview with the great Mitch Ryder. Mitch thoroughly “gets” the Rock and R&B industries and has lived and thrived through all of the great eras! We dabble a bit in the drama of the business as  well as the magic in the studio. In an added segment at the end we get an update on what Mitch has been up to since this chat including some upcoming show dates!


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steve_lukather_blue-_shirt_028Luke, Toto’s singer and songwriter gets into detail about studio sessions, Jeff Porcaro’s unmatched groove and meter, today’s music scene,  the accuracy of Wikipedia and way more! Three music tracks highlight this one hour episode, two of them from his 2011 solo effort. He’s quite humble about his stature as one of rock history’s most influential guitarists and brings a great deal of his witty sarcasm, humor and music insight to the conversation.
Steve’s Website
photo by Larry DiMarzio

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BMS S02E16 CHRIS PRICE A Forced Creativity

Price300By deciding to make an entire album using only an iPhone to record it, Chris Price forced himself to be creative. Using authentic instruments in resonant locations and clever mic placement, the resulting collection, Homesick has an organic yet polished feel, both in its sound and message. It’s a set of heartfelt songs with twists and turns. The conversation gets specific about the idea, the process, influences and the business. And, we take a close listen to three of Homesick’s gems.
photo by Kyle Safieh

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10399481_1176848974309_3109663_nDennis DeYoung, the iconic Classic Rock voice opens up about his days with Styx and addresses some of the rumors that got out about the split up 17 years ago. In between the laughs, we get into technology, Progressive Rock, writing hits, traveling, caring for the vocal chords and we take a close listen to a couple of his solo tracks. This is a timeless encore of one of our greatest moments from 2010. Talent.
Insight. Knowledge. Grace. Dry sarcasm. He brings all of it. 
We close with an updated segment on Dennis, who’s still going strong!

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BMS S02E13 MADMAN MIKE Last Call At Button South

MadmanButton2In a Rock n Roll Radio Reunion of sorts, a fellow 97 GTR Rock n Roll Animal co-hosts a preview of the upcoming Button South Class Reunion in September in Ft. Lauderdale. We chat by phone with Tommy Vincent from Heartless and Markus Allen from Race, two of the ten bands reuniting this year. We share all of the details on the two-night event, plus some music clips and a ton of memories of an unforgettable South Florida music era. Gettin’ the bands back together for a special Music Friday episode. (mildly explicit content)

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