RADIO – One of rock radio’s programming legends and my first “boss” in 1981 visits the studio to chat about today’s radio politics, MTV, Bruce, being a rock ‘n roll DJ, gigs in Philadelphia, New York City and Miami, demographics, vinyl, listeners’ attention spans and more. Plus, a surprise guest calls in to add some funny memories to the mix! Find out what ‘Nealsky’ has to say about the past, present and future of radio both terrestrial and otherwise. Fans and old friends of Neal can find him here on facebook.

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4 Responses to NEAL MIRSKY – Radio

  1. Glenn Harter says:

    Excellent show Bill. Really interesting hearing yours and Neal’s perspective on the decline of radio over the years.

  2. Paul Byther says:

    Neil knows radio.

    The unfortunate circumstance includes the actual possibility that Lee Abrams and other major programmers arrived in time to give music radio a couple of years of relavent life.

    If the major programmers had a real clue they would still be relavent.

  3. Bruce Harmon says:

    GREAT show with Neal! It brought back a lot of memories as I worked with him at K-102. Hearing is take on radio today was right on the money.

  4. Deb Knox says:

    So good to hear Neil talking about the music and all the great songs and fun we had back in the day!

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